I am Micah Karns, and I have dedicated my life
to professional martial arts & tricking.

  • Seminars & Camps

    Seminars & Camps

    Want to book Micah to come teach a seminar or camp? Micah has taught seminars & camps all around the world at different martial arts schools, colleges, gymnastics facilities & special events.

  • Private Lessons in Person

    Private Lessons in Person

    Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Micah has trained over one-hundred martial artists & trickers with different varying skill levels and styles. Micah provides you with all the tools and instruction needed to take your training to a new level.

  • Private Lessons via Skype

    Private Lessons via Skype

    The same training as private lessons in person, but with more flexibility and convenience to schedule a consultation at a lower price.

  • “With more overall world championships than any other junior world competitor, Micah has been dubbed the Michael Jordan of sport karate!”

    - Jeremy Talbott, TaeKwonDo Times
  • “Micah is the consummate professional. He has continued to awe military audiences worldwide with his martial arts performances. Any performance with Micah as a performer will always be a crowd pleaser – I just remember Japan and his groupies.”

    - Bill Marx, Navy Exchange & NEXCOM
  • “I can honestly say I’ve never seen anybody work as hard at his craft as Micah. Once he was committed to doing a new trick or new move he would not stop until he mastered that move. Those are the types of traits I look for when hiring in my organization. I wish Micah wanted to sell cars instead of Martial Arts!”

    - Dan Wolf, Dan Wolf Automotive Group


Corporate clients Micah has proudly worked with.